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Value Partners Group Ltd.

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A financial advisor located in Hong Kong is requested by local clients for investment instruments with exposures to China stocks. He recommends several mutual funds of Value Partners. Value Partners is one of the largest asset management companies in Asia, and already has several funds investing in China stocks. To help customers decide which fund to invest, how should he evaluate and compare the performance of these funds? Which fund better satisfies the investment demand of each client?

Learning Objective:

1) To understand alternative risk metrics and what kinds of risks they represent;
2) To understand the alternative performance measures and their application scenarios, assumptions, and limitations;
3) To understand the alternative approaches of style analysis and their pros and cons;
4) To practice portfolio performance evaluation and style analysis using spreadsheet tools.

Year of Publication: 2017
Ref. No.: 17/588C
Discipline: Finance & Investments
Industry: Banks & Diversified Financials
Country: Hong Kong SAR
Company: Value Partners Group Ltd.
Languages: English
Pages of Text: 18