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HP at a Strategic Crossroad: 2005


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The case examines the paradox of bringing in a charismatic leader to spearhead organisational change in a company renowned for its strong legacy and culture. On one hand, in the face of a rapidly changing competitive environment, HP, a Silicon Valley icon, was looking to initiate organisational transformation. On the other hand, it was a company embedded in tradition – with the charismatic Carly Fiorina having to struggle with the tensions between various organisational components, including company loyalists who opposed a change in the traditional systems, processes, structure and culture. With Fiorina's ouster, the case also opens for discussion the strategic options available to Mark Hurd, HP's new CEO.

本案例检视了在一家因深厚的历史和文化而闻名的公司中,聘用一名外来的、魅力型领袖进行机构改革的矛盾。一方面,面对迅速变化的竞争环境,作为硅谷标志的惠普正寻求实施企业变革。另一方面,惠普是一家墨守陈规的公司,具有领袖魅力的Carly Fiorina不得不面临来自企业各方面的压力,包括反对改革企业传统系统、流程、结构和文化的惠普忠实拥护者。随着Fiorina离任,本案例同时引出了对惠普的新任首席执行官Mark Hurd具有哪些战略选择这一问题的讨论。

Learning Objective:

Charismatic leadership, culture, management of change, paradoxes in organisational transformation

Year of Publication: 2005
Ref. No.: 05/253C
Discipline: Knowledge and Human Resource Management, Strategy & General Management
Industry: Technology Hardware
Country: Worldwide
Company: Hewlett-Packard
Languages: English, Simplified Chinese
Pages of Text: 22