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Breaking Barriers: CECA Forging Environmental Advocacy In Mainland China's Ngo Arena

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Amidst the complex landscape of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in mainland China, CrossBorder Environment Concern Association (CECA) has emerged as an independent grassroots environmental NGO focused on conserving coastal biodiversity. With the vision to become a leading think tank, CECA provides well-founded research findings to authorities through early intervention, ensuring environmental compliance in government-proposed development projects. In its advocacy efforts, CECA emphasizes community engagement and relies on its well-trained volunteers to carry out complex procedures. The NGO sets itself apart by upholding independence, transparency, and refusing government funding or any illicit “guanxi” connection. This raises questions about how CECA secures its funding and diversifies its revenue streams. Furthermore, the partners contemplate how CECA can more effectively demonstrate its environmental and community impact to stakeholders, thereby further enhancing both financial and societal support.

Readers are invited to analyze the competitiveness of CECA in the industry, identity success factors, as well as potential challenges. They are also encouraged to propose alternative strategies for CECA to consider, taking into consideration of the missions of the NGO.


Learning Objective:

The case study has several key objectives. Firstly, readers are encouraged to evaluate CECA's competitiveness by employing Michael Porter's five-forces analysis framework. Secondly, they are prompted to examine the critical factors that have facilitated CECA's successful operations and prominent role within environmental advocacy. Additionally, readers are invited to identify and assess the ongoing challenges and opportunities faced by the organization, considering both its internal and external environment. Furthermore, the case study aims to stimulate readers to explore alternative approaches and strategies that could enhance CECA's sustainable development. Lastly, the case provides readers with an opportunity to explore ways of measuring and quantifying the community impact generated by CECA's volunteer efforts.

Year of Publication: 2024
Ref. No.: 24/798C
Discipline: Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), Social Enterprises & Ethics, Strategy & General Management
Industry: Non-Profit
Country: China (People's Rep. of)
Company: CrossBorder Environment Concern Association (CECA)
Languages: English
Pages of Text: 17