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Maylead: Pre-Investment Due Diligence Planning and Identifying Red Flags

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The case introduces a due diligence approach that prompts students to identify red flags and suspicious transactions through a fictitious case based on real-life examples. Students take on the role of an investment team manager of a hedge fund  in Hong Kong focusing on investing in both private and publicly traded companies with significant growth potential. When the COVID-19 pandemic heavily affected industries across most sectors, most industries went through a major reshuffling leaving surviving industry performers that would have a great potential to become leaders over time. As such, the Company had been actively seeking new potential investments and meeting with their management since the end of 2022, and identified a potential company (Genuine) in the emission testing equipment industry. 

Through this case, students gain foundational knowledge of due diligence and learn to identify red flags for suspicious transactions or situations. They apply their learning by creating a due diligence plan and evaluating the available information on Genuine and its market. This analysis allows students to further advance their understanding and ultimately come to an investment decision. As an intermediate- to advanced-level case, students are required to actively compare data from different sources and perform relevant calculations. This will enable them to process and derive further information essential for making informed investment decisions.


Learning Objective:

After working on the case, students will:

1. Understand the due diligence process and articulate its significance in financial and business contexts. 

2. Have a clear understanding of the term "red flag" and recognize prevalent examples in the case study. 

3. Know how to detect inconsistencies or deceptive data provided by clients and compare it with publicly available information, drawing connections to similar instances in their respective industries.


Year of Publication: 2023
Ref. No.: 23/771C
Discipline: Accounting & Control
Industry: Other Diversified Financial Services
Country: Hong Kong SAR
Languages: English
Pages of Text: 6