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Wincorp: Navigating the Hybrid Workplace

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Prakash Singhal is an intelligent, strategic, and hardworking technology integrations project lead at WinCorp. He has taken up this position after a successful tenure at a leading consulting firm and postgraduation at a top-tier Indian business school. An avid traveller and explorer, Singhal has been excited about the company policy of working from anywhere thrice a week and spending only two days a week in the physical office.

He soon settles into his team and begins working with his supervisor Anurag Das and his direct report Vivek Joshi. He begins working on landing a huge technology transformation project with ABD Group, an Indian manufacturing conglomerate and prepares a proposal for them

The client is busy with some internal audit and asks the project team, at the very last minute, to present its proposal in its office. Though Singhal has been utilizing his work-from-anywhere days and travelling, he agrees to the meeting and decides to join virtually while Das and Joshi decide to attend in person.

Due to some network issues at the client’s location, Singhal is unable to participate, and Joshi takes the lead on the proposal. Singhal realizes that all the recognition for this win is being credited to Joshi since he was physically present at the client meeting. Singhal is disgruntled and upset over this and is now considering his future at WinCorp. He is also wondering if the hybrid working system will ever be a possibility in India.

Year of Publication: 2023
Ref. No.: 23/755C
Discipline: Knowledge and Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Industry: Commercial Services
Country: India
Languages: English
Pages of Text: 6