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Manan publishing: Raising Funds for Not-for-profit

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Subir Shukla, the Principal Coordinator in Ignus Pahal, was involved in improving education for marginalized children. After working for many years at the policy level and assisting various governments across Asia in improving the public education system, he realized that the lack of access to reading material in India was hampering the children’s ability to develop reading skills. In 2017 he decided to open Manan Publishing to cater to this need. He was strapped for funds for the initial years and was looking at some financial assistance for the first three years. His immediate need was to evolve a strategy for generating funds.


Learning Objective:

The learning objective of this case is to look at the social dimension of funding – the purpose, the implications, and some assumptions related to funding projects in the social development sector. The case will introduce students to the issues/challenges faced by NGOs in raising funds and understand the various funding options available. On that basis they will have to frame a viable strategy to generate funds.


Year of Publication: 2022
Ref. No.: 22/750C
Discipline: Social Enterprises & Ethics
Industry: Media, Non-Profit
Country: India
Company: Ignus Pahal
Languages: English
Pages of Text: 7