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The Kommon Goods: Creating Change Through Social Entrepreneurship

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The online eco-lifestyle start-up The Kommon Goods, founded by Alvin Li, a young Hong Kong social consultant and entrepreneur, seeks to change consumer behaviour through its sustainably sourced products platform. The social enterprise also aims to drive change in the B2B space, while also raising awareness about the growing issue of plastic waste in Hong Kong and globally.

The Kommon Goods is an extension of Li’s own lifestyle and philosophy. The social enterprise encourages consumers to avoid buying plastic items or packaging and to focus on purchase items that are produced sustainably and recyclable. The social entrepreneur has already gained worldwide recognition in his quest to support the UN’s SDGs and reduce plastic waste worldwide.


Learning Objective:

The Kommon Goods and its founder Alvin Li’s sustainable philosophy can be used to introduce students to the concept of social entrepreneurship. In particular, this case study will help students to also understand the concept of blended values and the drivers to effective social entrepreneurship.

Using this case study that focuses on an online business selling sustainable products plus community education about plastic waste and sustainability, students will be able to recognise what motivates social entrepreneurs and how blended values can be applied to successful social enterprises. Students will appreciate the fact that success as a social enterprise may result from multiple paths, and they will be able to use their newfound skills to analyze the success or otherwise of social enterprises. 


Year of Publication: 2020
Ref. No.: 20/677C
Discipline: Social Enterprises & Ethics
Industry: Consumer Goods
Country: Hong Kong SAR
Company: The Kommon Goods
Languages: English
Pages of Text: 8