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Huawei at a Crossroads: Reacting to the US Equipment Ban

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Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. (Huawei) was the world’s largest telecommunications equipment provider, and was widely acknowledged to be the leader in developing fifth generation (5G) mobile network systems.  In 2018-2019, the US government took a series of steps to restrict Huawei’s business with the US government and US companies, citing security concerns.   Huawei needed to craft a response that would minimize damage to its financial position, protect its leading position in 5G equipment, and allow it to continue to expand its overall business. 

Learning Objective:

1. To understand the impact of government policies on companies, especially those in highly regulated industries.

2. To explore courses of action for companies faced with adverse government actions.

3. More broadly, to illustrate importance of corporate communications strategy. 

4. To offer an opportunity to discuss  how corporate strategy evolves as a company matures and changes its business model over time.


Year of Publication: 2020
Ref. No.: 19/649C
Discipline: Public Policy and Strategy, Strategy & General Management
Industry: Technology Hardware
Country: China (People's Rep. of)
Company: Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.
Languages: English
Pages of Text: 7