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Krishna’s Retirement Plan

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Retirement planning is gaining importance for India’s growing middle class. Like many young professionals, Krishna Chaitanya, a recent MBA graduate, questioned how he could balance his investment portfolio with a desire to achieve a comfortable retirement.

Since market volatility coupled with inflation could prevent him from achieving this objective, Krishna wondered if he could solve this problem by applying his financial knowledge, using concepts he learned while studying for his MBA.  

Learning Objective:

This case allows students to consider the process of estimating and analyzing retirement income and expenditure by using the time value of money. It also allows them to understand how implementing a savings and investment program can help an individual achieve their goals in life.

Year of Publication: 2019
Ref. No.: 19/638C
Discipline: Finance & Investments
Industry: Banks & Diversified Financials
Country: India
Languages: English
Pages of Text: 4