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Panda Express: Going Public

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This case features a company in China’s booming delivery industry. Students are asked to step into the shoes of an equity analyst at an IPO consulting firm and recommend a listing strategy and IPO price for a fast growing express delivery company.  The authors have successfully used the case in a business valuation course.

Learning Objective:

1. Understand the pros and cons of different listing strategies.
2. Explore the pros and cons of listing on US, Hong Kong and Chinese exchanges.
3. Develop an understanding of the express delivery industry in China and the environment it operates in.
4. Practice reviewing and analysing financial statements 
5. To learn how to calculate the WACC and perform a DCF analysis.


Year of Publication: 2019
Ref. No.: 18/613C
Discipline: Accounting & Control, Finance & Investments
Industry: Transportation
Country: China (People's Rep. of)
Company: Panda Express
Languages: English
Pages of Text: 8