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K11 Museum-Retail Concept: Targeting Millennials

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This case describes the unique concept of “museum retail” that was introduced and championed by Adrian Cheng, Founder of the K11 Group and K11 Art Foundation. His mission is to help the ecosystem of art and culture among the young generation, and to bring art to his customers through art exhibitions and education in a retail mall setting. The core values of K11 are art, people, and nature all integrated into an art mall environment. The first K11 Art Mall opened in Hong Kong in 2009. It became the forerunner of the K11 Art Malls at several major cities in China (Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenyang, and Guangzhou).

This case highlights the role played by Rebecca Woo (Senior Director, Operations, Hong Kong, K11 Concepts Limited) in fulfilling the mission of K11 while maintaining a strong position in an increasingly competitive market. She focuses on the millennial customers, the fastest-growing segment in the retail market. These customers are highly attracted to the unique blend of art and commerce and the emphasis on the shopping experience. K11 engages them by considering multiple factors that influence their motivation. 

Using K11’s Christmas program in 2017 as an illustration, this case offers the students a grand tour of the planning, design, development, and launch of a highly successful marketing program. Importantly, the case illustrates how K11 creates the unique multisense experience that influences customers’ feeling, thinking, and behavior.  

Learning Objective:

The key learning objectives for the students are: (1) to understand the marketing factors that influence consumer motivation, (2) to explore how sensory marketing helps create unique consumer experiences, (3) to discuss how art and commerce blend to influence consumer behavior in the commercial landscape.

Year of Publication: 2019
Ref. No.: 18/614C
Discipline: Marketing
Industry: Retail & Wholesale
Country: Hong Kong SAR
Company: K11 Group
Languages: English
Pages of Text: 8