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Research Note Details:
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The Global Software Industry in 2006  
Product Ref: 06/290RN Company: N/A

Product Type: Research Note Industry: Software & Services

Related Product(s): N/A
Software was the most profitable segment of the IT industry. Since the end of the dotcom crash in the early 2000s, sales and profits of software had been reduced significantly. However, if one looked beyond the traditional boundary of the software industry (ie, system and application software), a different story was unfolding. In particular, a new era was emerging with the advent of Service Oriented Architecture (a new approach to software design and development), services-as-software (a new breed of software programmes) and a number of social and economic factors enabled by the internet, many in the high-tech circle were convinced that Web 2.0 had arrived. As such, the entire software industry was expected to enter a new growth cycle, leading to several key questions: what were the specific opportunities and challenges facing the industry players? What strategies (or business models) software companies had to adopt?
Functional Area : Strategy & General Management

Issues: Industry development trends, opportunities and challenges
Length: 30 pages Country: Worldwide

Pub. Year: 2006 Level of Difficulty: 2
This product type is available in the following language(s):      English
Related Information: N/A
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